Kanata Golf & Country Club Update

As promised, I am providing an update today on the steps I have taken since the golf course announced their plans for development on Friday, December 14th. I understand the gravity of this announcement and I am working hard on your behalf. To be clear, I oppose development on the golf course lands.

What I’ve done to date:

  • I met with ClubLink, Minto, and Richcraft to share the community’s outrage and to ask for clarification on their next steps.
  • I held office hours at the Mlacak arena both Saturday and Sunday and spoke with over 150 residents.
  • I have knocked on 200 doors to discuss this directly with homeowners. Thank you for the warm welcome and the extra salt on the slippery driveways!
  • I responded to voicemails and hundreds of emails from concerned residents.
  • I have met with the presidents of our community associations, the Mayor and his team as well as city staff, including planning and legal, to discuss this potential development and to help chart our path forward.

There is a lot of information circulating, here are the facts:

  • I am working closely with planning, legal, and the Mayor’s office to determine our next steps. We need to ensure we gather all relevant documentation, including the 1981 agreement and the 1988 agreement. In addition, there are many other documents like subdivision agreements that must be reviewed. This work is currently underway to ensure we leave no stone unturned.
  • The city has also engaged external legal counsel to review the documents and to provide additional guidance.
  • After the holidays in January, I will meet again with legal, planning, and the Mayor to discuss the legal opinions and next steps. I will provide an update once that meeting takes place.
  • I am meeting with Des Adam, Marianne Wilkinson, and a few others that are intimately familiar with these agreements.
  • I will continue to work with the community associations and the community members at large.

The Kanata Lakes community was built on the premise that 40 percent of the land would remain greenspace, and I am committed to working on your behalf to ensure this remains true. I feel strongly that the City of Ottawa must uphold the intent of the agreement.

A special thank you to the Beaverbrook and Kanata Lakes community associations for their leadership. This community continues to amaze and inspire me and I’m honoured to be working on your behalf. I can’t thank you enough for all your input and your support during these last few days. Please continue to let your voices be heard.

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