Honouring Commitments. Protecting our Greenspace.

Greenspaces strengthen communities by connecting residents. No matter what season, we see this first hand in Kanata North – from neighbourhood skating rinks, sledding, dog walking, soccer, and also the incredible commitment from our residents each year to clean up our parks. Greenspaces are what ties Kanata North together as a community, and I applaud the city of Kanata for its vision and its commitment to create and maintain these greenspaces.

Back in the early 1980’s, when the Kanata Lakes community was planned, the vision included a commitment between the developer and the city of Kanata to retain 40 percent of the lands as greenspace. Kanata Lakes was built with the intention and the desire to balance development and greenspace.

The current owner of this greenspace, ClubLink, has announced their intentions to develop the land in partnership with local builders Minto and Richcraft. I implore the city of Ottawa to rally around this community who was promised that this greenspace would remain in perpetuity.

This debate is not about protecting and preserving a golf course. This debate is about honouring the legal agreements that the city assumed from the city of Kanata and maintaining the 40 percent greenspace in the Kanata Lakes neighbourhood. This is the foundation on which life decisions were made and on which families invested and grew. It’s a question of honouring commitments to protect our greenspace.

I will continue to work to oppose any development moving forward. I have a community meeting planned for January 21st, 7pm at Mlacak Arena, and I am seeking volunteers to join me on January 13th for a neighbourhood canvas in Kanata Lakes. I need your help and your voice in our efforts to oppose this development.