Kanata Greenspace Update #3

Prior to Christmas I had a meeting with the Mayor, senior city staff and legal to discuss the golf course and the 40 percent agreement. There was a commitment to reconvene this week after the holidays to give legal time to compile and review the necessary documentation as it relates to the 40 percent agreement.

We met again this week and I wanted to share what has transpired. At this point no definitive legal position has been taken. City staff is however considering all options, including the city’s option of taking over the golf course.

The City of Ottawa’s Planning Services team is proactively conducting a review of the existing agreements for this property and is consulting with the city’s Legal Services team. The city has taken the proactive approach of engaging outside legal counsel to work and advise the city on this issue. The city’s legal team has also received a request from ClubLink’s counsel for an extensive list of relevant documents. The city is currently reviewing this request.

I will inform you of next steps and any new developments in real time. I wish I had more to share with you, however I would like to reiterate that the city is considering all options and this does include the city’s option of taking over the golf course.