Kanata Greenspace Update #4

IMG_1848Thank you again to everyone who braved the arctic weather and joined me last Monday for my community meeting. It was truly incredible to have close to 500 of you out, engaged and adding your voice to this issue in our community.

I am happy to share that the city’s legal team has sent a letter to the legal representatives of ClubLink, Minto, and Richcraft to ask that their intentions for the golf course lands be put in writing. Note that, although they have been very public with their desire to develop the golf course, they have not yet informed the city of these intentions. A formal notice would then trigger the 40 percent agreement. The city has also requested that they demonstrate that they have sought a buyer for the golf course, as it is required as per the 40 percent agreement.

Last week, I also had a meeting with representatives from ClubLink, Minto, Richcraft, and Chris Frogratt from Loyalist Public Affairs. Participating in this meeting were senior staff from the Mayor’s office and planning, as well as Councillor Jan Harder. The meeting was at the request of ClubLink. They once again confirmed their desire to develop the golf course lands. I reiterated the fact that the 40 percent agreement is in place and that our community is united and feels strongly that it needs to be honoured. We did not entertain further discussions of their plans given there is no planning application in place yet.

Lastly, they informed us that they will have engineers out on the lands in the near future as they work on the preliminary engineering that would need to be done to prepare their plans. Please don’t be alarmed if you see this happening. They have not asked the city for a pre-consultation meeting under the Planning Act to discuss their plans and thus there is still no planning application that has been submitted.

Thank you for your emails and messages. I will continue working to oppose this development and will provide you with updates as I have them.

Jenna Sudds