Ottawa Transit Challenge

Last week, I accepted the Ottawa Transit Challenge put forward to Councillors to take transit as our primary means of getting around. I enjoyed the experience and the many conversations I had with transit users on the buses. I started most days, like many Kanata North residents, at Innovation Park and Ride (closest stop to my house) and headed to City Hall or to Mlacak Centre using routes 63 and 64. I have heard many concerns about these routes, and I got to experience some of these issues first hand.

The main problems I experienced were unreliable arrival times, particularly coming home at end of day, lengthy commutes as the routes are not direct, and the GPS being turned off or unavailable. We need and can do better!

Throughout my Ottawa Transit Challenge, many of you have reached out with feedback on other routes. Thank you for sending your feedback and please continue to share your experience with me at

I will continue to take the bus when my schedule allows, both to better understand your frustrations and to also reduce my eco footprint. I am working closely with OC Transpo to look into resolving ongoing issues and enhancing the bus service to, from, and within Kanata North. To do so, I would like to ask for your help. I will soon be releasing a short survey to ask for your feedback. I will also be holding a Community Meeting on March 7 to discuss transit further, and I encourage you all to attend to share your ideas and concerns.