Golf Course Update #7

In keeping with my commitment to transparency, I am sharing the most recent updates relating to the Kanata Lakes Golf and Country Club:

  • In December 2018, just after ClubLink announced their decision to develop the golf lands, the city engaged outside counsel to advise on this situation, specifically on the Forty Percent Agreement. Legal advice received by Councillors and staff is considered confidential. However, I can confirm that the city sent the attached correspondence to ClubLink’s solicitor yesterday, March 14th, 2019. This letter was drafted following receipt of internal and external legal advice.
  • The city has advised ClubLink via the letter dated March 14, 2019 that – should they move forward with a planning or rezoning application – the city will initiate court proceedings to seek a declaration that ClubLink is required to abide by terms of the Forty Percent Agreement.
  • Concerns have been expressed to my office about equipment that has been present on the golf course lands that has impeded use of the pedestrian pathways and linkages. Our community, pursuant to the registered agreements, has benefited from these pathways since the 1980’s. I have requested that ClubLink ensures that access to these pathways continues.

I will continue to take every step possible to oppose this proposed development on the community’s behalf with the support from the Mayor and city staff. I will continue to communicate all updates with you as they become available.


  • The city’s internal and external counsel continue to meet and provide advice on this evolving situation.
  • Legal, Mayor, Councillor Harder, Senior Staff, and myself continue to meet on a regular basis to discuss this situation.
  • No development application has been received to date. If ClubLink submits a development application, the city has made it clear that they will begin legal action.
  • Should the city take over the golf course, as per clause 5(4) of the Forty Percent Agreement, ClubLink would not have a say in who the city engaged to operate the golf course. As your Ward Councillor, I will take every step possible to ensure that consultations with our community take place with respect to the golf course operation, should this opportunity materialize.
  • Although city staff have stated that the city would consider all options, at this time the city is not in a position to decide how the golf course would be operated if it were conveyed to the city. This will be considered further as this matter progresses.
  • ClubLink has an obligation under the Forty Percent Agreement to not impede the public use of the lands and the pathways throughout.