Arcadia Development Update

With winter behind us, Minto is planning to start development of the next phase of the Arcadia subdivision. You may have already seen them starting to prepare the site. Minto has indicated that construction will be undertaken in a way that minimizes disruption to Arcadia homeowners as much as possible.

Once the land is prepared, the construction of the new Arcadia subdivision is intended to be rolled out in two phases. The first phase of home construction, which Minto refers to as Phase 3, will be constructed behind the existing homes along Country Glen Way. Phase 3 will include a stormwater pond near the future Campeau Drive bridge that will go over the Carp River. Initial work on Phase 3 may begin as early as this summer/fall.

The next phase, Phase 4, will then commence with completion of the road network, construction of the new park as well as a second stormwater pond.

When Phase 3 and 4 are complete, there will be 198 new single detached units, 199 townhome units, and 42 rear lane townhome units, totaling 439 new homes on 8 additional streets plus extensions of both Paine Avenue and Calvington Avenue. In addition to new homes, a commercial area is planned along the southeast side of Campeau Drive.

This is a significant new development that will see our community grow over the next several years. To facilitate this growth, I am very aware of the importance of the extension of Campeau Drive to connect Arcadia with the rest of our community.

The City’s Infrastructure Services staff continue to progress towards a construction start date for the Campeau Drive extension, which could begin as early as fall 2019. The roadway works cannot start until Minto has built one of their stormwater ponds, since the road will need to drain to this pond. I have been working closely with city staff and Minto to ensure the coordination of the subdivision works and the Campeau Drive extension project. My goal is to get this roadway built as soon as possible, and Minto has indicated their agreement to assist in making this possible.

After much discussion, I am happy to share with you the steps that have been agreed to in order to ensure that the Campeau Drive extension happens as quickly as possible:

  • As the first step of the next phase of development, Minto will build the Campeau stormwater management pond by October 2019 as this is required before the road work can begin.
  • The city will seek the necessary Ministry of Environment approval to begin construction of the Campeau Drive extension, which includes a bridge over the Carp River. This will begin once Minto completes the stormwater management pond.
  • Should Minto not complete the stormwater management pond by October 2019, building permits will not be issued until Minto completes a traffic study that demonstrates that the existing road network in Arcadia is sufficient to accommodate new Stage 3 traffic.
  • Further, should the city’s construction timelines be delayed for any reason, Minto has indicated a willingness to complete the portion of Campeau Drive from Country Glen Way to Winterset Road themselves, should this be the only option to have it completed by December 2020 before occupancy of their new homes occurs.

I will continue to monitor the progress of the subdivision works and the Campeau Drive extension project and will communicate with the community, city and Minto regularly on this. As Kanata North is growing, I know that this is a much-needed link for our community, and I am committed to working to ensure this gets built as quickly as possible.

More details on the subdivision plans and the documents submitted to the city regarding the development can be found on the city’s Development Applications website here.