Golf Course Update #8

Today marks the culmination of many months of work and advocacy.

Since ClubLink made their announcement in December of last year, I have been working diligently with staff, speaking with my colleagues at City Hall, and advocating for our community on the necessity for the City of Ottawa to stand up for our residents and back the legal forty percent agreement.

I am happy to share that the City Clerk and Solicitor yesterday issued a memo to Council outlining the next legal steps the city will take. Today, at the Finance and Economic Development Committee, I moved a motion that was passed unanimously by my colleagues, to add this important update to the agenda.

To be clear, if ClubLink proceeds and submits an application for draft subdivision approval and/or a zoning amendment to permit residential development on the golf course lands, the City of Ottawa will proceed to seek a determination from the Superior Court of Justice on the enforceability of the agreements.

I have been clear in my communications that I believe the issue before us is a legal one. Both City legal and outside legal counsel have reviewed and are of the opinion that the agreements are enforceable. Today marks an incredibly important milestone in our fight to keep our greenspace.

The city has in writing communicated its legal position and is standing up for our community, the agreements, and our greenspace.

I would like to thank the Mayor and my colleagues for their support, and I also thank the Kanata Greenspace Steering Committee and our broader community for their hard work.

As always, I will provide further updates as they become available. Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out anytime:

Read the memo here.