2018/2019 Ward 4 Winter Report

With an extremely unpredictable and long winter in 2018/2019, snow removal operations were difficult. While there was a lot of resident concern about snow removal, once the roads team was made aware, most issues were resolved quickly. The ward 4 office reported issues through service requests and speaking directly to the department.

Resident reports demonstrated some streets had multiple issues throughout the season centered around infrequent plow runs and deep freeze/thaws causing large ice/snow ruts. Several residents described issues regarding covered fire hydrants and catch basins. Constituents have questioned whether there are enough resources to maintain all of the streets in our growing city.

Suggestions for the future include more frequent runs on residential streets and paths, additional communication about when to expect the plow and continuing regular snow bank removal. Councillor Sudds is interested in having the Hydro Corridor winter maintained to serve more residents and promote outdoor activity throughout all seasons. Kanata North residents expressed their satisfaction with the large graders on sidewalks and roads, and support continuing the pilot program in 2019/2020. Next year, the Ward Four team plans to start communicating with residents earlier in the season to remind them to help keep fire hydrants and catch basins clear.

Specific Ward 4 Information

Streets with recurrent resident concern:

  • Boundstone Way (due to construction vehicles)
  • Inverary Crescent (large ice ruts throughout the season)
  • Area: Briarbrook (Reports of infrequent runs)
  • Arkose (Slippery)
  • Keyrock (large snow banks)
  • Panisset (Large snow banks and infrequent runs)
  • Sherk (Reports of infrequent runs)
  • Riopelle Court (Reports of infrequent runs)
  • Penfield – sidewalks
  • Statewood (Reports of infrequent runs)
  • Forestbrook (Reports of infrequent runs)
  • Ipswich (snowbank removal)
  • Aberfoyle Circle (Reports of infrequent runs)
  • Macara (Reports of infrequent runs)
  • Celtic Ridge (Reports of infrequent runs)
  • Glenbrae (Reports of infrequent runs)
  • Arcadia (Reports of infrequent runs/slippery)

General Concern:

  • Pathways: lack of snow removal and slippery
    • Especially by schools
    • Not winter maintained:
      • Hydro Corridor
      • Path between Maritime Way and Gray Crescent
  • Missed Street
  • Plow hasn’t been by in weeks
  • Signs up for snow removal and no ones comes
  • Left large ridge on driveway
  • Fire hydrants buried
  • Catch basins covered
  • Inquiries from residents:
    • Do we have enough resources (human/equipment)?
      • Big concern considering all of the new development in KN (a lot of extra roads/sidewalks)
  • Some residents requesting salt over grit to help melt ice

Suggestions for future:

  • Hydro Corridor winter maintained
    • Must meet below:
      • The pathway is situated on City property or if non-City owned, a legal agreement exists between the property owner and the City.
        • City owned property
      • The pathway has an improved surface (paved, width, platform, structure, grade, curvature, bollard, bridge, stairs, drainage, mountable curb).
        • Path is paved
      • The pathway does not provide an alternate route to an existing City-maintained sidewalk or pathway (400m threshold).
        • Does not meet this requirement
  • Must satisfy one of the three things:
    • Pathway is equipped with lighting
    • Pathway provides access to a community destination i.e. Park, Rapid transit, long term care, etc…
      • Connects to Innovation Park and Ride
    • The pathway connects communities or dead end streets and cul-de-sacs where alternate routes do not exist.
  • More frequent
    • Many residents reporting snow plow hadn’t come in weeks after lots of snow accumulation
  • Direction of plow on Hunterbrook St.
    • Resident: “the snow removal street plow needs to start at Brady Ave and come north and move the snow from the west side to the east side. A second run would be required in the same direction to move the snow off the roadway. This allows vehicles to park safely next to the curb and also protects the safe usage of the sidewalk. This would also enhance the safe passage of large vehicles (ie School Buses) down our street since the maximum amount of roadway would be available.”
  • Suggestion for how to better communicate with residents
    • “when will the plow be on my street?”

2019 / 2020 Improvements (From Roads Team)

Improvements for next winter

  • Continue exploring new pilots
  • One sided parking
  • Temporary no stopping


  • Managing snow pack more effectively
  • Monitoring sidewalk equipment replacement schedules citywide
  • Leading practices from other cities
  • Incorporating Councillor and resident feedback from 2018/2019

Download the 2018/2019 Ward 4 Winter Report in PDF format here.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Jenna.Sudds@ottawa.ca.