Kanata North Nuisance Mosquito Control Program – Update

Treatment, both ground and aerial, has now been completed for spring species. GDG confirmed that the spring conditions this year are creating a larger surface area for mosquitoes to develop. The colder weather we have been seeing has resulted in slow larval development, giving GDG time to hit them at the right moment.

Nuisance sweep tests as well as the first round of traps have been implemented. From these results, GDG will be able to identify the presence of any problem areas. Ground treatments as well as aerial treatments will continue throughout the summer.

GDG’s program target is to decrease mosquito populations by at least 80%, but they expect to get the same results in reduction for the spring time mosquitoes. The larger surface area for standing water makes it easier to treat and have product dispersal. This also means they will have larger areas treated by air than on foot. Without treatments the mosquito population would be extremely high. GDG forecasted that we would have seen a 200% increase.

GDG is working on an updated case study, which I will share once it is available.