Utilities Work in Kanata North

After winter comes construction season! As many of you may have noticed, utilities work is taking place throughout Kanata North. Bell resumed the installation of fibre optic cables for improved internet access in our community. All neighbourhoods that were built before 2009 will eventually be upgraded. Current work is taking place in Morgan’s Grant (see streets highlighted in blue).

Bell Utilities Work in Morgans Grant-Shirley's Brook

My team and I have received many calls and emails from concerned residents about torn up yards and messy neighbourhoods. I have met with Bell’s project manager and city staff to discuss the project and your concerns.

Bell’s work is taking place legally in the city’s right of way on your property. It involves boring holes and tunnelling between the holes to feed cables through. Additional holes need to be drilled to visualize nearby gas, water, and other utility lines to avoid damage. While work is ongoing, all holes should be covered with plywood and/or fencing. Trucks and equipment may be stored at Allenby Park. Temporary reinstatement of holes and trenches will be done; however, final reinstatement of property will only be completed once the network has been tested and is connected.

Final reinstatement consists of 8-10” of topsoil and sod on grass areas. Replacement of sidewalk cement will occur at joints – not in patches – and asphalt on driveways will be replaced. By bylaw, Bell is not required to replace interlock, but they will remove and replace it to their best ability. If there is other damage, such as broken sprinkler heads, Bell will repair this as well. Bell has taken video footage and photos of the front of each home before work started and will do so again once work is completed to allow for tracking if problems with repairs arise.

For questions about the work itself, feel free to reach out to Bell directly at 416-452-0201. Should you have any concerns or would like to report damage or unsatisfactory repairs, please call 3-1-1 to make a service request to Traffic Management.

Reinstatement requirements and reporting concerns are the same for all other utility work taking place in Kanata North. I will meet with Rogers and other providers to share expectations and to ensure residents are well informed of what is happening in our community.

Should you have any questions, feedback or concerns, please reach out anytime at Jenna.Sudds@ottawa.ca.