Development Update – 471 Terry Fox Drive

Thank you to the many residents that have reached out with questions and concerns regarding the proposed development at 471 Terry Fox Drive, which includes a gas station and small shopping plaza.

We had a productive discussion at the April 25th development meeting, and my hope was that the developer would take our community’s concerns and suggestions into consideration to revise the plan. Good news: the city has received revised plans. Bad news: not all our feedback has been addressed.

I’m happy to share that the new plans include a road modification, adding a deceleration lane turning right into the property when heading north on Terry Fox Drive.

However, there are several shortcomings with these new plans:

  • A connecting path between the gas station and plaza crosses near the gas pumps, through the car wash exit.
  • The addition consists only of pavement markings, which raises safety concerns.
  • No additional benches or bike racks have been added.
  • The small patio, which was part of the original plan, has been removed.
  • Electric car chargers have not been added.
  • Landscaping along the length of the property, to improve the barrier between the site and nearby homes, is lacking.

I have written to the developer (view my letter to the developer) to express my disappointment and to share my concerns, and I encourage you all to please do the same. Please review the revised plans and share your comments. Your feedback will again be compiled and shared with the developer for their consideration in the next set of revisions.

I will continue to work with the developer and city planner to advocate for you and to ensure that this development meets the needs of our community with the best possible outcome.