Kanata North Nuisance Mosquito Control Program – Update #2

These past few weeks, Kanata North has been experiencing a higher than normal level of mosquito nuisance. I know our community is frustrated, as am I. I have reached out to GDG Environnement for clarification and received the following information:

“This week we received a larger number of complaints than usual due to the current problematic mosquito nuisance after an aerial treatment did not achieve a complete coverage of the hatching area. We have adjusted our strategy for planning our flight paths to ensure it is not a reoccurring issue. The current heatwave we are experiencing will help reduce the adult mosquitoes at a faster rate than usual in rural areas. We have already completed yet another full treatment on the ground and by air since this emergence and we are expecting Kanata to return to normal standards again shortly.”

I encourage anyone with concerns to reach out to GDG Environnement at info.mosquito@gdg.ca or by phone at 1-877-227-0552.

Thank you for your patience.