Utilities Work in Kanata North – Update #2

I have heard from many of you regarding the utilities work that is occurring and planned in Kanata North. Bell is installing fibre optic cables for improved internet access across our community and Rogers is also upgrading its network. 

The construction is taking place in the city’s right of way and involves boring holes and tunnelling to feed cables through. Some additional holes are being drilled to visualize nearby gas, water, and other utility lines to avoid damage. While work is ongoing, all holes will be covered with plywood and/or fencing. As work continues in our neighbourhoods, temporary reinstatements will be implemented. Once the work is completed and the networks have been tested, then final reinstatement of the property will be completed. 

Residents can report concerns, damage or unsatisfactory repairs by creating a service request with 311. The request is sent to a Traffic Management Inspector responsible for overseeing all the utility work in Kanata North. The inspector will follow-up directly with the resident and the utility provider in question.    

If you have additional questions about the work being done in your community, you can contact Rogers at 1-844-760-3908, the number provided on the information door hangers or visit at rogers.com/fibre-powered. Bell has three vendors working with them and each have their own website and contact information. You will receive a personalized door hanger from the contractor working in your area with their contact information. 

If you have any questions or concerns you can also reach out to me directly at Jenna.Sudds@ottawa.ca  


Please see the maps below, indicating the communities in which Bell is/will be working, to see if your area is affected. 

Map 1: Morgan’s Grant 

BEL1916599 - Morgan's Grant nof Klondike wof Halton

Affected streets are: 

  • Klondike Rd 
  • Whernside Terr 
  • Roy Errington Way 
  • Scampton Dr 
  • Portadown Cres 
  • Beauly St 
  • Halton Terr 
  • Teskiwa Cres 
  • Finlayson Cres 
  • Goward Dr 
  • Oakside Cres 
  • Edgemoore Cres 

 Map 2: Village Green 

BEL1916444 - Colchester Square

Affected streets are:  

  • Campeau Dr from Hawkstone Gate to Teron Rd 
  • Colchester Sq. to Birkendale Dr. 
  • Birkendale Dr. 
  • Teeswater St. 
  • Edenvale Dr. 
  • Hawkstone Gate  

 Map 3: Kanata Lakes 

BEL1916133 - Knudson Dr [Y62242]

Affected streets are: 

  • Knudson Dr. from Campeau Dr. to Weslock Way 
  • Halldorson Cres. 
  • Nelford Crt. 
  • Sherk Cres. 
  • Tanner Cres. 
  • Rosenfeld Cres. 
  • Balding Cres. 

 Map 4: Campeau Dr. and Kanata Ave 

TEL1911229 - Campeau Drive

Affected streets are: 

  • Terry Fox from Campeau Dr to off ramp 
  • Campeau Dr from Terry Fox to Kanata Ave. 
  • Kanata Av from Campeau to Maritime Way. 


 Rogers is currently or will be working in the following communities: 

 Map 1: Kanata Lakes and Beaverbrook 

Rogers work 2019

Affected streets are: 

  • Campeau Dr from Kanata Ave to March Rd 
  • Kanata Ave. from Campeau Dr to Goulbourn Forced Rd. 
  • Goldridge Dr. from Kanata Ave to Keno Way  
  • Keno Way 
  • Stilkine Dr from Maricona Way to Keno Way
  • Blackdome Cres 
  • Kalbrook St.