What to expect when LRT launches

On September 14th, a transit milestone for our city will be reached with the opening of the Ottawa light rail transit system O-Train Confederation Line. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to participate in the Confederation Line inaugural ride, and I was impressed by the size of the compartments, the beautifully designed stations and the trains’ speed. It took mere minutes to travel between stations. I know that this project has left some residents concerned, but I truly believe the LRT launch will be a pivotal moment for our city. 

Please note the changes to bus stop locations and route assignments at Tunney’s Pasture Station, which came into effect this past weekend to prepare for the September 14th LRT launch: The bus exit at Yarrow Street has been closed, and all buses will use the Goldenrod Driveway access to/from Scott Street, or the ramp to/from the Transitway. For details, please visit the OC Transpo website. 

To ease transition in the first few weeks after launching LRT, OC Transpo will continue to run buses in conjunction with the trains. On October 6th, the buses running parallel with the trains will stop, and the new bus routes will go into effect. Details can be found on the OC Transpo website. In addition, I’m excited to announce that on Monday, October 7th, Kanata North’s new Connexion route 266 will start, something that our community will highly benefit from. The Connexion route will operate on weekdays during rush hour to get residents quickly and directly to the Tunney’s Pasture LRT station. 

New Route 266 map


As your Councillor, I am still committed to working towards securing LRT to Kanata. Without a doubt, this must happen, and I will continue to advocate on your behalf. 

Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have: Jenna.Sudds@ottawa.ca