The Future of the Kanata North Nuisance Mosquito Control Program – Update # 2

As many of you know, the quality of life of our Kanata North residents has been impacted by large populations of ‘nuisance’ mosquitoes, drawn to our community by the many wetlands and stagnant waters. They’re an unfortunate downside to our community’s distinct ecology, beautiful greenspaces, and extensive biodiversity, especially in the South March Highlands Conservation Forest and around the Kizell Pond and Beaver Pond areas. 

Back in 2016, to address this issue, a request for proposals was initiated and GDG Environnement was contracted by the City of Ottawa to control spring and summer mosquito larvae through the application of a biological larvicide. This was a trial program lasting for four years, and it has now ended. As mentioned before, the Kanata North Nuisance Mosquito Control Program is unique. It addresses an uncommon problem, and it is funded directly by our Kanata North residents. Therefore, it should be a community decision whether it moves forward for another four years. 

Earlier today, my council colleagues unanimously approved a robust 90-day consultation period including the process for a community voteThis consultation period will commence on October 10th and run until January 8th, 2020 and a voting period will follow.  

Here’s what you can expect over the next 4 months: 

I will be hosting a minimum 2 community meetings to discuss this program: 

I will also be providing: 

  • Regular updates via this websitemy newsletter, and social media channels. 
  • An engagement platform that will ensure that every voice has an opportunity to be heard. On this platform you can share feedback directly with me, ask questions, browse relevant document, and keep up with the latest updates.  

I look forward to working with many of you on this project and facilitating a constructive dialogue where we can all share our views and learn from each other.