Golf Course Update #10

Kanata Golf and Country Club: What’s Next?  – Update #10


  • The Kanata Golf & Country Club operates on lands owned by ClubLink. The golf course lands are subject to agreements, which were entered into in the 1980’s by the City of Kanata and the original developer of the golf course lands, stating that a minimum 40 percent of land would have to remain greenspace.
  • When ClubLink purchased the golf course lands in 1996, the City of Kanata consented to the purchase and ClubLink assumed the obligations of the previous owner, as per the Forty Percent Agreement.
  • ClubLink, along with their partners Minto and Richcraft, submitted a development application to the City of Ottawa on Tuesday, October 8, 2019 to move forward with the development of the Kanata Golf & Country Club lands.

What’s Next?

  • There are two parallel processes now underway:


  • The City of Ottawa Planning Department has received the development applications. The applications are reviewed in detail by the assigned staff to ensure they are complete and all required items are included. Staff will advise the applicant if the applications do not meet the requirements and/or if other information is required.
  • Target timelines for applications will not commence until the submission requirements, and any information or materials required to process the applications, are submitted by the applicant.


  • Following ClubLink’s announcement in December 2018 about their intent to develop the golf course lands, the city sought a legal opinion from Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, the city’s external legal counsel, with respect to this issue. Having reviewed the agreements, staff have determined that there are reasonable grounds to conclude that the agreements are enforceable and that the land must be maintained as a golf course.
  • The City has engaged outside legal representation. Currently the documentation is being prepared to file an application with the Superior Court asking for a determination of contractual rights.  
  •  It is anticipated that such application to court will be filed within three weeks.
  • The ruling from the Superior Court on this application will determine whether ClubLink is violating the Forty Percent agreement and would halt the planning process mentioned above.

What can you expect?

  • I will continue to provide updates to our community as I have them. These will be posted on my website as well as sent out via my email newsletter, and social media channels.
  • If deemed complete, the application will be posted on the city’s website within 10 business days. I will share this on my website as well when it is available.
  • I will be hosting a Community Meeting the last week of October. Details will be posted as soon as confirmed.


Please know that I will continue to work with you to oppose this development. My focus is on ensuring the legal team has all that they need while providing transparency for our community. I understand that this situation is very unsettling for many. Don’t hesitate to reach out any time. I will do my best to get back to everyone as quickly as I can.