Richardson Ridge Development Phase 4

In an effort to keep you updated on Phase 4 of the Richardson Ridge Development, I am sharing the latest information I have received. This fall and into the early winter, you can expect some tree removal and blasting


Pre-blast surveys are required for buildings within 75 meters of the location where explosives are being used. The Phase 4 lands are located approximately 250-340 meters away from current homes in the Phase 2 and 3 lands and across from the wetland and environmental area. 

Residents might hear the audible blast warning system (series of beeps notifying counting down to when the blast will take place), but there should be minimal vibration felt from the works. 

A vibration monitoring system will be installed at various locations around the Phase 4 property to ensure that the vibrations and noise remains within Ontario Regulations and standards while the work is underway.

I will share more details as information becomes available. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at with any questions or concerns you may have.