Transit Update: We Must do Better

With the first few weeks of the new transit system under our belt, it is very clear that service improvements are badly needed. I have heard from many residents about their frustration with the lack of reliability of the new system and have experienced first-hand the challenges many are facing regularly. Having a transit service that works well for everyone must be a top priority for our city!

Last Friday, Mayor Watson and Chair Hubley announced funding for an additional 40 buses to be on the road as of today. This is a step in the right direction. Of utmost importance is adding reliability back into our bus operations, and the LRT. I am still working to get the specifics of what this means for our community. I expect further details to be shared at tomorrow’s Transit Commission.

Yesterday, I sent a letter to the General Manager of Transportation Services and a compiled list of feedback that Kanata North residents have been sharing over the last few weeks. I recognize that this does not address all issues, and I encourage everyone to please continue to send me your feedback and concerns. You can read the letter here.

I also met with the Manager of OC Transpo on Monday to discuss the ongoing service issues facing our community and steps being taken to improve the situation. Starting this week, buses will be staged on standby, for example at Innovation Park and Ride, to monitor and jump into service if buses aren’t arriving as scheduled. Similarly, this is occurring at Tunney’s Station. Additional buses for routes 63, 64, 66, 264, and 268 will be directed as needed to achieve published bus schedules. This does not mean changes to the current schedule. This is an effort to adhere to published schedules and increase reliability.

In another vein of course, work is underway with respect to issues facing the trains. I expect further updates to be forthcoming this week following tabling of the budget on Wednesday morning at Council, followed by Transit Commission meeting Wednesday afternoon.

Please continue to email me directly at with your feedback and concerns.