ClubLink Update #15 – Legal Update 

As shared previously, on October 25th the city made an application to the Superior Court seeking an order for specific performance of ClubLink’s contractual obligations. Among other things, the city is asking the court to order that ClubLink must either withdraw its applications under the Planning Act or offer to convey the golf course lands to the city at no cost. The city has asked for an expedited hearing of the application. The full court application and supporting affidavits as previously shared can be viewed here. 

Lawyers for the city and ClubLink attended in court today for a Case Conference to address scheduling. Lawyers for the Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition also attended as they have advised that they intend to bring a motion to intervene in the city’s application. Justice MacLeod issued a Case Management Order following the meeting which you can review here. You can also view the case conference brief submitted by our Legal Counsel/Applicant here and the case conference brief submitted by opponents Legal Counsel/Respondent here.

The Justice ordered the city’s application to be expedited, and the application will be argued during the week of February 24, 2020 for up to two days. The lawyers are to confer on scheduling, including on a return date for the Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition’s motion to intervene. The parties are to report back to the court by November 22, 2019. 

I will continue to share updates as I have them. Please know that I continue to work to oppose this development. Never hesitate to reach out with your questions or concerns. 


Jenna Sudds
City Councillor – Kanata North