Richardson Ridge Development Phase 4 Update


As promised, I am sharing the latest update on Phase 4 of the Richardson Ridge development. The construction company has informed me that blasting will begin in December. It is expected to take approximately 3 months (there will be no work between Christmas and New Years) and will include on site rock crushing. All work will be done within the allowable construction hours. You can find more information here.

Please ensure you check your mail as Pre-Blasting Notification letters from the contractor were sent out to select homes on Escarpment Crescent (across from the Phase 4 lands). The contractor, Tomlinson, has decided to do precautionary pre-blast surveys along Escarpment Crescent. The letters were delivered to approximately 80 singles and 12 towns along Escarpment Crescent on November 25th, with surveying starting today, November 26th. These surveys are at no cost to the homeowner/resident. Please look out for these letters so that you can follow up with DST Consulting Engineers on your pre-blasting inspections.

There will be 4 vibration monitors placed along the rear of Escarpment Crescent across from Phase 4.

I have asked for a more concrete schedule for the blasting and will share this once I received this information. Please contact me directly with any questions or concerns you may have.