ClubLink Update #18 – Next Steps in the New Year

With the new year upon us, it’s hard not to give thought to what lays ahead this year when it comes to the proposed golf course development. 

I am personally thankful for the time off with my family over the holidays, as I know this year is going to be particularly busy as I continue to work to oppose this development. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the city has some very talented planners and specialists who have been assigned to this application and have been hard at work on your behalf. 

Since receiving the applications on October 8th, 2019, city staff have spent countless hours reviewing the numerous studies and reports that make up the ClubLink applications. The culmination of that review leads to the Lead Planner sending “technical comments” back to the applicant on areas that they have concerns on and/or that need to be addressed in order to assess the application. 

Although not typical procedure, I requested that I receive a copy of these comments. Today, the Lead Planner on the file has shared with me a copy of over 200 technical comments that have been sent back to ClubLink with respect to their studies and materials that constitute their application.  

Now ClubLink needs to address the city’s questions and concerns before a decision could be made regarding the application. This a very complex application. An excess of 200 technical comments demonstrates that complexity, but also calls into question the assumptions that ClubLink has made in their technical studies and submission. This further demonstrates the level of professionalism and dedication of city staff in their review of this file, for which I am personally very thankful. 

As previously shared, you can view the entire applications here.

The technical comments prepared by the city can be viewed here

As I’ve shared before, there is also a legal process underway. On October 25th, 2019 the city submitted an application to the Superior Court seeking an order for specific performance of ClubLink’s contractual obligations. Among other things, the city is asking the court to order that ClubLink must either withdraw its applications under the Planning Act or offer to convey the golf course lands to the city at no cost. I have previously shared the city’s application and supporting documentation. ClubLink has now also filed their affidavits and you can view them here:


What’s next? 

  • There is a second statutory public meeting for this application planned for January 20th. I encourage you to attend and ask your questions. Let’s show ClubLink once again how outraged we are as a community. 
  • A court date will be set soon for the week of February 24th. I will share details as soon as I have them, and I hope you will consider joining us in court.   

 I have committed to keeping you update to date, and I will continue to provide updates as I have them. Never hesitate to reach out: