2020 Budget: What this means for our community

In December, City Council approved the 2020 budget in the amount of $3.76 billion. Where will these dollars be put to work in our community? 

In addition to the ongoing costs of running a city and maintaining our roads, parks and recreation services and all the many services the city provides, you can expect to see the following new investments in Kanata North this year: 

Investment of $4.5 million in infrastructure including: 

  • $2.9 million to resurface: 
    • March Road between Carling Avenue and Shirley’s Brook Drive 
    • Legget Drive just south of Terry Fox Drive, and
    • Solandt Road between March Road and Legget Drive 
  • $160,000 to construct the Kanata West feedermain 
  • $600,000 to update a water main along West March Road 
  • $830,000 to convert the March Road Pump station
  • New roundabout at the corner of Huntmar and Richardson Side Road 

These are much needed investments in our roads and infrastructure. 

We also have multiple sidewalk projects funded. Design work will begin this year with construction likely occurring in 2021. These include: 

  • Varley Drive: inside loop to provide safe access to the schools
  • Leacock Drive between Beaverbrook Road and The Parkway 
  • Halton Terrace between Flamborough Way to Newcastle Avenue 
  • Missing link on Old Second Line approaching Terry Fox Drive 

There are also $2 million allocated in this year’s budget towards the eventual construction of a new fire station in the March Road expansion lands as this community is built and expands. This is a smart allocation of funds to support our future growth as a community. 

We will also see continued investment this year in our local parks. Also, $150,000 are allocated towards design work for the new Bill Teron Park and $150,000 are invested in developing a new trail system along the western end of the Kizell drain. We will also see new outdoor volleyball courts installed at Richcraft Recreation Complex for all our community to enjoy. 

All the above is in addition to increased investments in our public transit to increase frequency and reliability of our bus and LRT system. 

Lastly, I will continue to work with city staff and our community to implement traffic calming measures throughout our neighbourhoods to ensure that concerns are addressed and that our roads are safe for all users, pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles. 

Please continue to reach out with your ideas and suggestions as we work together to make Kanata North the best possible community.