ClubLink Update #19 – Cancellation of January 20 Public Meeting and Next Steps 

As you are likely aware, the city had planned a public meeting on the ClubLink development applications for Monday, January 20th.  I personally met with executives from Minto and Richcraft in December and asked that they, along with an executive from ClubLink, be present at this public meeting to answer your questions. I shared the details from this meeting with you on my website. 

I know our community has many questions unanswered. Your feedback after the November 25th meeting was clear. You didn’t get straight answers from the applicant and many questions remain. 

Despite my request and another directly from the City Planning team, the city received a letter this morning  from ClubLink communicating they will not be participating: 

On behalf of ClubLink Corporation ULC, and our partners, Minto Communities Canada and Richcraft Group of Companies, I would like to thank you for extending an invitation to us to attend the City’s upcoming public meeting on the topic of ClubLink’s redevelopment application for 7000 Campeau Drive (Kanata Golf & Country Club lands). However, as representatives from ClubLink, Minto and Richcraft have already fully participated in the public meeting that was held on November 25, 2019, including our consultants whom provided technical answers relating to the application during three separate sessions, I am advising you today that we will not be attending the City’s second upcoming public meeting. We look forward to continuing to work with the City of Ottawa on our application as we undertake to redevelop this property in Kanata that will help to address the City’s future growth needs. 

Given this, the city has decided to cancel this public meeting. The rescheduling of this public meeting is discussed below under What’s Next. 

What’s Next? 

  • The city sent the applicant an extensive list of over 200 technical comments on their applications just before Christmaswhich I shared on January 6. 
  • The applicant now needs to respond to all concerns raised by the city by submitting revised studies and plans. Although it is unknown how long it will take the applicant to undertake this work, it is an extensive list of issues that must be resolved if they wish to move forward. 
  • Until these studies and plans are resubmitted, there is nothing further for the city to respond to. 
  • The city will schedule a statutory public meeting as soon as the applicant has re-submitted their plans and supporting documentation. Once again, the applicant will be expected to participate in this next meeting for this to be a productive exchange for our community.
  • The city compiled an extensive list of questions at the November 25th, 2019 public meeting. The applicant has not provided answers to the community’s written questions. The city will be publishing the city’s responses this week and I will share a link as soon as they are posted. 
  • On the legal matter of abiding by the Forty Percent Agreement, the city and the applicant will be in court the week of February 24th. 

I appreciate that this is a very stressful and frustrating situation for our community. I share this frustration and I will continue to support the work of city staff and the efforts of our community to oppose this development. I strongly believe that first and foremost the Forty Percent Agreement needs to be respected, and I look forward to our time in court on this matter. 

Please continue to reach out with your questions and concerns. I appreciate hearing from you.