International Women’s Day Mentorship Application

I can think of no better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than by inspiring the next generation of female leaders. This year I am honoured to have the opportunity to invite five young women from our community to celebrate International Women’s Week with me.

I encourage young women ages 16-21 living in Kanata North to complete the application below for the opportunity to meet inspiring female leaders in our community and have the opportunity to learn from their experience. 

Event Details
The event will include an opening event, an opportunity for mentorship, and a closing event with the Mayor. 

  • March 5th – Women’s Day Breakfast with the community
    – Panel of local professional women
    – Refreshments
    – Opportunity to meet powerful and successful women in our community
  • March 6th – Mayor’s Breakfast
    – Each young woman is invited to the attend the Mayor’s Breakfast 
  • March 5-13th – Shadowing
    – Each young woman and professional will be partnered up
    – Depending on schedules, each pair will spend anywhere from a day (shadowing) to an hour (coffee) with each other. This gives the student a chance to speak one on one to the professional, learn more about her journey and ask questions. 

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