Mosquito Vote Results

The City Clerk’s office has just informed me of the results of the mosquito levy vote. I’m very pleased to learn that we had a fantastic turnout. 4,808 households cast their ballot, 37% by mail and 63% through online voting, which means almost double the number of ballots compared to the 2016 vote with a total participation of 36.5% (compared to 49% in the last municipal election).

I’d like to thank the City Clerk’s staff for helping me facilitate this vote and for enabling residents to have their say online. I’d also like to thank our community organizations for spreading the word and raising awareness in Kanata North. These efforts helped ensure increased voter participation and ensured that the process was accessible to all.

All in all, 78% of households voted in support of the program continuing. This result is a clear indication of our community’s view on the program and will be reflected in my report to Council. The mosquito levy program will be re-initiated, at a lower cost per household and a stronger contract with lessons learned, for the next four years.

I am sure that there will be some in our community who are disappointed in these results. I believe it was my responsibility to impartially facilitate a fair and open vote, to raise awareness in our community of the program, and to provide the relevant information for voters to make an informed decision. I am satisfied that this vote reflects the will of our community at large and I will continue to work with GDG to ensure that residents receive value for their tax dollars.

Thank you for participating.