Support Your Community Associations!

We are incredibly lucky in Kanata North to have five different volunteer community associations working on our behalf:

In December, I had the pleasure of hosting a joint meeting of all the Community Associations to review their initiatives and discuss plans for this year.  It’s safe to say last year was a busy year for all our Community Associations in Kanata North. Here are just a few examples of their initiatives: 

  • Morgan’s Grant Hydro Corridor Project underway 
  • Beaverbrook Tree Inventory Program 
  • Sustain Kanata North initiative 
  • Work to oppose the development of the Kanata Golf & Country Club 
  • Hosted the “Right Tree in the Right Place” workshop 
  • New puddle rink in Arcadia established 
  • Arcadia Halloween decorating contest 
  • Cleaning the Capital participation throughout Kanata North 
  • Kanata Lakes Neighbourhood Watch Program 
  • Organized the Big Community Garage sale 
  • Participation in the Kanata North Transportation Committee 

As we look to 2020, I encourage you to get involved.  You can do that in many ways and no effort is too small.  You could attend one of their events, sign up for their email updates, become a member and get involved in your community.  You won’t regret it. 

If you have any questions about how to get more involved in our community, please feel free to reach out.