Tuesday Transit Challenge

After a lovely Family Day weekend, this week is a busy one! I am participating in the Transit Challenge and will be traveling to City Hall every day this week and heading back to my Kanata North office after Committee meetings end, or mid-afternoon for additional meetings. 

There is no transit available within walking distance from my house, so I typically drive to the Innovation Park and Ride, as I did today. I was fortunate to catch a #63 as soon as I arrived at 7:30am (with a bit of a jog to make it happen). By the time the #63 got to the Eagleson Park and Ride this morning, the bus was full with a handful of people standing. 

Snowy conditions created slower than normal travel. At Tunney’s Pasture I bumped into my colleague Councillor Glen Gower. His company made the commute go by quickly as we caught up on all things City Hall. We experienced two short delays along our LRT ride to Rideau station. I got off at Rideau and walked over to City Hall. Door to door it was a 1-hour and 45-minute commute, which is way too long. Having said that, those who drove today probably had a tough drive as well with the snow? 

Throughout the week I will continue to share my thoughts and experience on my commute. How was your commute? Please send me your comments and suggestions. I am committed to ensuring that OC Transpo service improves for our community. We have invested heavily in LRT for our city, and we must ensure through its implementation that we have a reliable and convenient transit system that serves our community well.