Wednesday Transit Challenge

Today’s Transit Commission meeting was lengthy, with many items of importance on the agenda for discussion including an update on the Confederation Line and bus service. 

LRT service disruptions unfortunately have become commonplace. Since the end of December, there have been a high number of disruptions with the need for supplemental (S1) bus service on an ongoing basis. We now have a task force of international experts operational in Ottawa observing and troubleshooting our system. This task force operates independently and provides RTM direction on areas to improve. Starting the end of this week, City Councillors will receive bi-weekly updates on issues and I will share relevant details with our community as I have them. 

Due to the ongoing issues with LRT service, supplemental service will continue in the near term until stability is restored to the system. This S1 service is using the 20 additional fleet buses that Council approved late last year for standby. When disruptions in LRT occur, it often has a ripple effect on our local routes as additional buses are pulled in to assist. This cannot continue as it is creating unreliability in our system and adds uncertainty to our commute.  

OC Transpo has a long way to go to improve on the service that is currently being provided, however the level of dedication by staff to work towards this is apparent. Please continue to share your concerns and suggestions to improve our transit system. Your input is invaluable as I work on your behalf.