ClubLink Update #26

I am providing another important update to the community today regarding the ClubLink applications. Late afternoon on Friday March 6th the City received appeals by ClubLink to the Local Planning Tribunal (LPAT).

Specifically, ClubLink has appealed both the Zoning By-Law and the Plan of Subdivision. The grounds for their appeal are the lack of a decision within the statutory timelines by the City on their applications. You can read the letter that was provided to the City here.

You may recall that in update #18 I shared with the community that experts from the City had provided 250 technical comments to ClubLink regarding their applications. These comments from City staff and technical agencies highlighted the many serious issues and deficiencies with the ClubLink applications. From the hundreds of letters, calls, and emails that many of you in our community have shared with me I know that you also stressed the same serious issues and concerns.

At this time ClubLink has not responded to the technical comments or submitted any new information to address any of the concerns that City staff and our community have identified.

It was the inaction from the developers to address the many concerns that City staff, technical agencies, and our community had that made me decide to remove delegated authority from City staff on the ClubLink applications, meaning that the decision would rest with Planning Committee.  I took this necessary action to ensure all possible measures that I could use were leveraged to stand up for our community and have our concerns heard. However, ClubLink, Minto, and Richcraft have decided to rush this through, and have taken the decision away from City Council and have instead asked a Tribunal to issue a decision.  This is not what community builders who are invested in their communities do.

I am certain that the community will have many important questions about next steps and where we go from here. I have requested a meeting with the Mayor, the City Manager, our legal team, and senior City staff to ensure that we explore all possible options so we can make the best decisions for our community. As always, I will continue to provide updates to our community as they become available.

Key Points:

Here’s what we know right now:

  • This has no implications on the legal process currently underway.
  • Prior to the first LPAT procedural hearing, Clublinks will send notices to properties that are within a 120metre radius of the ClubLink property. Further I will ensure the community is kept up to date.
  • In the next two weeks the City will be putting together its LPAT documents and will forward them to LPAT.
  • LPAT hearings take several months to be scheduled.