Kanata North COVID-19 March 28 Update

Councillors Update 

It’s been a very busy week. I know my family is trying to adjust to staying home and we are certainly missing our family and friends. It’s hard but it’s necessary. My children are adjusting to only being allowed to play outside in our backyard and driveway. My husband has not been working but he’s staying busy with projects around the house. I`ll never get used to working from home, but I`ve accepted it for now. These are changes we never anticipated but we are coping. I hope you are all finding ways to cope and adapt during these tough times. 

Today, I wanted to share a few key reminders and answers to questions that I have been getting a lot of emails about: 

 Question: Are parks closed? Can my kids still play on the play structures? 

  • Answer: City Parks are closed. You may walk through on pathways while maintaining a 2metre distance to others. You may not be using the fields, tennis courts, play structures, benches, etc. This is for your safety. These areas have not been cleaned and are ripe for passing germs. City staff will be working to install signage in our parks as soon as they can. 



Question: Can I still use community groups like “Buy Nothing” or receive packages during this time?  

  • AnswerI have received messages from residents concerned about the continued activity on various neighbourhood “buy nothing groups” and delivery services. We must all remain diligent in ensuring we are not passing on germs or potentially the COVID-19 virus. I urge you to use caution when participating in these groups during this time and always thoroughly disinfect any items you give or receive.  

Question: Are you accepting donations of personal protective equipment?  

  • Answer: YES! Thank you so much to all residents and businesses that have been reaching out with donations of masks and other personal protective equipment. Please continue to do so, these donations do make a difference. I am accepting these donations and am sharing with city staff who are triaging requests to our various health care institutions. 

Question: How do I pick up a returning traveller from an affected area from the airport? Are there precautions I should take? 

  • Answer: If a returned traveller has no symptoms and is well, it is best to use a private car and to avoid public transportation. If a private car is not available, the person should use a taxi or shared ride service such as Uber or Lyft.
  • All returning travelers should wear a mask (if available) when they are picked up from the airport. 
  • All returning travellers with symptoms or who appear ill should report these while going through customs in the airport. 

Question: What is the incubation period of COVID-19? 

  • Answer: Those who are infected with COVID-19 may have little to no symptoms. You may not know you have symptoms of COVID-19 because they are similar to those of a cold or flu. Symptoms may take up to 14 days to appear after exposure to COVID-19. This is the longest known infectious period for this disease. We are currently investigating if the virus can be transmitted to others if someone is not showing symptoms. While experts believe that it is possible, it is considered to be rare.  

Question: Should the general population in Canada wear masks to protect themselves from COVID-19? 

  • Answer: If you are a healthy individual, the use of a mask is not recommended for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Wearing a mask when you are not ill may give a false sense of security. There is a potential risk of infection with improper mask use and disposal. They also need to be changed frequently. However, your health care provider may recommend you wear a mask if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 while you are seeking or waiting for care. In this instance, masks are an appropriate part of infection prevention and control measures. The mask acts as a barrier and helps stop the tiny droplets from spreading when you cough or sneeze. 

Question: Can I make homemade cloth face masks and donate them to a hospital?  

  • Answer: I am getting many messages from residents asking if they can make and donate homemade cloth facemasks. These masks are only suitable for personal use. I am happy to accept donations of these items which I will pass on by request and to the Seniors Homes in our community. Understandably these cannot be used by healthcare workers but are fine for residents. 

Question: Are there certain cleaning products that you recommend?  

  • Answer: Health Canada has published a list of hard surface disinfectants that are likely to be effective for use against coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • Although they do not claim to kill viruses such as COVID-19, cleaners can play a role in helping limit the transfer of microorganisms. Health Canada recommends cleaning the following high-touch surfaces often, using either regular household cleaners or diluted bleach (1 part bleach to 9 parts water): 
    • Toys 
    • Toilets 
    • Phones 
    • Electronics 
    • Door handles 
    • Bedside tables 
    • Television remotes 

Question: My mental health is being impacted by this COVID-19 pandemic and I need help. Is there anyone that can help me?  


Question: How many cases does Ottawa currently have? It’s not that bad here right?  

  • Answer: As of 9:30 am on March 28, 2020, OPH is investigating 106 confirmed COVID-19 cases and one institutional outbreak of COVID-19. There has also been one death related to COVID-19. There currently is community transmission, meaning that people with no travel history are also spreading the virus. The situation is very serious in Ottawa and we must do everything we can to ensure that we are abiding by the guidance provided by Ottawa Public Health.  

Question: How is the quarantine act and the mandatory 14 days of self-isolation after travel being enforced?  

  • Answer: If you have concerns about violations of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, call the Ottawa Police non-emergency line at 613-236-1222. This includes concerns around quarantine and physical distancing. The Communications Centre will address your concern and determine the appropriate response.  

Question: Even though play structures are closed, how do I report people who are still using them?  

  • Answer: For concerns of this nature, please call 3-1-1 and a report will be actioned by By-Law services.  

Question: If there is a non-essential business still open, how do I report this violation?  

  • Answer: For concerns of this nature, please call 3-1-1 and a report will be actioned by By-Law services. 


Provincial Government Update 

Earlier today, the Provincial Government made the following announcements:  

  • Effective immediately, the Provincial Government has issued an emergency order that retail businesses and individuals in Ontario cannot charge unfair prices for necessary goods. This means that individuals can face a ticket of $750 or if summoned to court and convicted, could face a penalty of $100,000 and one year in jail. A company director or officer could face a fine of up to $500,000 and up to a year in jail. A corporation could face a fine of up to $10 million if convicted. Necessary goods are:  
    • Masks and gloves as personal protective equipment in relation to infections.  
    • Non-prescription medications for the treatment of the symptoms of COVID-19.  
    • Disinfecting agents intended for cleaning and disinfecting objects or humans.  
    • Personal hygiene products, including soap products and paper products.  
  • You may have seen surprisingly high prices for these products, and you can submit a report by filing a complaint at 1-800-889-9768 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, or by filing a report online. 


Federal Government Update 

The Prime Minister once again held his daily press conference where he spoke about the need to stay home and practice self-isolation and physical distancing. Most importantly, the Federal Government has further restricted domestic travel. Individuals with symptoms will not be allowed to travel domestically through rail or air. This measure was required to further prevent the spread of COVID-19. You can read more about this announcement here.  


I know these are very challenging times for our community. I know that some of you have lost your jobs or been laid off temporarily. I know many businesses have had to lay off your amazing teams and close your businessesor have family members who are ill due to COVID-19These are not normal times, but we will get through this together. This week I have seen firsthand how a local company, Nordion, is having huge impact worldwide by continuing their operations. I have also seen how perfect strangers from our community have stepped up and delivered groceries and medications to those in need of help in our community. I’m sure there are many more of these stories; if you have seen local companies or neighbours helping neighbours, please let me know, they should be recognized!   

Stay healthy and stay safe Kanata North, and please reach out if you need assistance.