2020 Updates to Kanata North Mosquito Program

Last week, I meet with GDG to go over the plan for the 2020 – 2024 Nuisance Mosquito Control Program in Kanata North. 

There will be some changes to the program this year, which include: 

  • GDG is making more staff available to help with treatments. 
  • GDG has added 65 hectares to the treatment area (up the Carp River crossing Huntmar Dr), as they believe that there are a lot of “fly ins” from this area. By including it, this should help reduce the nuisance population in the surrounding areas. 
  • GDG has also identified other new focus areas, as highlighted in the maps below, where they will be assigning additional resources to assess and treat as part of this program. 
  • The plan is to have ground crews starting treatments the week of April 20th and aerial treatments late in week of April 20thweather permitting. 

The maps below give you an idea of where GDG will have an increased focus, compared to last year. The highlighted areas indicate where changes were made in response to residents’ feedback, trapping data, and from what was learned in past years. With the additional human resources availableGDG can expand its treatment area without compromising any of the existing priorities. 


New and expanded sites near Monk Environmental Park, identified by field survey and trapping data. 


New and expanded sites near Marshes Village, identified based on residents’ feedback. 


Carp River expansion past Huntmar Drive, identified by field survey and trapping data. 


Additional sites near the Beaver Pond, identified by field survey and trapping data. 


Expanded site behind Escarpment Crescent, identified by field survey, trapping data, and residents’ feedback. 


These new treatment sites are in addition to the existing summer mosquito priorities such as the Beaver Pond, the Carp River, South March Highlands and other spots near Marshes Village. GDG is also aware that some sites need to be treated more frequently than others.  

I will continue to work closely with GDG throughout the spring and summer on the program to meet the programs objective: to reduce the nuisance mosquito population by 80 percent. Please continue to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.