Kanata North COVID-19 Update April 30

Good evening Kanata North,  

Tomorrow is the start of a new month and I know this can be particularly challenging time for businesses and residents. If you’re struggling, please make sure to reach out to the various levels of Government and ensure that you’re taking advantage of the right supports during this difficult time.  

Kanata North Update: 

  • The Ottawa Public Library is providing access to eBooks, audiobooks, movies, music streaming, magazines, and more onlineIf you don’t have a library card, you can contact the library to get a temporary card. Call 613-580-2940 to get started. Check out the Ottawa Public Library’s new Isolation Recreation section, which will inspire, encourage and entertain you during this time of physical distancing. Visit the library website to get resources in English and in French. 
  • We are so fortunate to have many outdoor spaces in Kanata North. You can walk, run, or cycle through parks and trails in our community. Please remember to follow the OPH guidelines when exploring: 
    • Stay on the trails. You may step off the trail to let others pass safely and maintain physical distancing. 
    • Do not linger or do any other activities. 
    • Do not mix with members of another household, as the Province of Ontario has prohibited public events and social gatherings of more than five people. 
    • Visit natural areas that you can reach on foot or by bike, rather than driving to one farther from home. 
    • Keep your dog on-leash to reduce the risk of conflicts with wildlife and other trail users. Pick up your dog waste and take it with you when you leave. 
    • Do not camp or start a fire. 
    • Keep the area clean and do not litter. 
  • As you may have heard, there has been a lot of discussion regarding Long Term Care Homes and the restrictions placed on visitors. Please see the latest here.  

City of Ottawa/Ottawa Public Health Update: 

  • Earlier this week, OPH launched a new Facebook page, Aging Well in Ottawa, to connect with residents 55+ and their caregivers. Through the pandemic, they will be providing information regarding COVID-19 including, physical distancing, masks, healthy eating, active living, mental health, and more. OPH staff will be online Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. dailywhile residents connect with one another. 
  • The Council on Aging wants to know how seniors are managing through the COVID-19 pandemic. A 15-minute survey is available that includes questions about how older adults are coping, managing anxiety, and staying connected. The information collected can be used to support Ottawa’s seniors during this and other public health crises. If you would prefer to complete the questionnaire over the phone, call 613-789-3577 ext. 4 and leave a message. Someone will call you back within 24 hours to collect your information. 
  • Today the way cases are reported has changed. Due to this, I am unable to provide an update on the number of cases for Ottawa. I can confirm that there have been 16,187 cases in the Province, which is a 2.9% increase in one day.  
  • Over the last few days, we have been seeing larger increases in the number of cases than previous weeks. OPH anticipated this increase as more people are eligible for testing and therefore getting tested and due to the surveillance exercise, which took place last weekend in which all staff and residents of nine long-term care homes were tested. 
  • This week is National Immunization Awareness Week, an annual event held at the end of April to recognize the importance of immunization in Canada. There are two important initiatives happening this week:  

Provincial Update: 

Here are the latest updates from the Province: 

  • As the Ontario Government prepares for the gradual reopening of the province, they have released safety guidelines to ensure the safety of workers, customers, and the general public from COVID-19. The government safety guidelines released today build on the current strategies to provide direction to those working in manufacturing, food manufacturing and processing, restaurant and food service, and the agricultural sector. A variety of promotional posters are available for interested employers. These new guidelines offer recommendations for employers to begin planning as they prepare to adapt to the new reality during COVID-19, including: 
    • Ways to ensure appropriate physical distancing, like eliminating pay-at-the-door options, holding team meetings outdoors, staggering shift times and using ground markings and barriers to manage traffic flow. 
    • Changes to the workplace, like installing plexiglass barriers, increasing the air intake on building heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to increase air flow, and using boot sanitizing trays. 
    • Promoting proper workplace sanitation, providing personal protective equipment, substituting dry dusting with vacuuming, ensuring customer-facing staff are given hand sanitizer, providing a place to dispose of sanitizing wipes, and enforcing handwashing before and after breaks. 
  • To ensure safety measures are being taken, 58 new inspectors from the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) and the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) will join the hundreds of existing provincial labour inspectors on the ground.  

Federal Update: 

The Federal Government provided the following update:  

  • The Prime Minister provided an update on the tragic situation regarding the Canadian Armed Forces member incident that occurred yesterday when a Canadian military helicopter crashed near Greece.  
  • The Canadian Armed Forces will soon have more than 500 members serving in 13 long-term care facilities in and around the Montreal area.  
  • The Canadian Armed Forces have also been deployed to assist in five long-term care facilities in Ontario.  
  • You can find the latest updates from the Federal Government here.  

I hope everyone has a lovely evening, and please remember that we must work together to stop the spread of COVID-19. We can beat it if we work together.  

Stay healthy and stay safe Kanata North.  

Reach out anytime.