Purchasing Hand Sanitizer

With the high demand of hand sanitizer, many of you have been asking where you can purchase it. Last week, I shared that I found sanitizer at Sobey’s on March Road and online at Big Rig Brewery. Many residents have generously reached out to provide additional stores that are selling sanitizer. I have created a table below for anyone looking. Please note that inventory of hand sanitizer is subject to change. 

Store  Location 
Grace in the Kitchen  442 Hazeldean Road 
The Cheshire Cat  2193 Richardson Side Road 
Showcase  shopatshowcase.com
Costco  770 Silver Seven Road 
Home Hardware  Multiple Locations 
Kardish  499 Terry Fox Drive 
Vodkow Dairy Distillery  34 Industrial Drive (Almonte) 
Sobey’s  840 March Road 
Big Rig Brewery  www.bigrigdelivery.ca 

While we all want to be prepared throughout the pandemic, please be mindful to not over stock and leave products for others who may need it.