March Road Resurfacing Updates

Like many of you, I am very happy to see the much need March Road resurfacing project under way. This has been a priority of mine since I took office, and I worked hard to get it included in the 2020 budget, five years earlier than previously planned. As the construction moves forward, I will share the progress weekly to keep you updated. This is a major project for our Kanata North community, and I know you all share my excitement to see it completed in July! Be sure to visit this page for regular updates. 

Week 1 Update: May 8 


This week we have completed removal and replacement of all selective concrete repairs in the southbound direction on March Rd. Areas currently curing, have barrels and caution tape with ramping and signage where required to maintain and provide accessibility. Next week the goal is to complete all selective concrete repairs in the northbound direction, prior to the long weekend.

Work is underway rebuilding and deep repairs of catch basins and stormwater manholes on, adjacent roads (Solandt, Terry Fox, Legget) in preparation of our future arrival for repaving.

Vehicular, pedestrian, and cycling traffic have been monitored and remain very low. We remain on track to begin removing existing deteriorate asphalt, adjusting of ironwork, and paving in the southbound direction of March Rd following the long weekend.

 Week 2 Update: May 15 


By the end of today all of the selective concrete repairs will be completed including Solandt, Terry Fox, March Rd at Shirley’s Brook. All locations will be made assessible for the long weekend.

Next week, crews will commence milling operations on March Rd southbound from Morgan’s Grant Way south towards Carling.

Weather permitting, it is anticipated to start paving operations later next week from Morgan’s Grant Way south towards Carling. Traffic flow will be maintained and the use of Portable Variable Messaging Signs has been extended to the end of next week. 


Week 3 Update: May 22 


Another excellent week weather wise for this type of work. The contractor is now doing the deep milling and repaving of March Rd southbound. At the end of Thursday, they had base asphalt completed to Terry Fox Drive. 

Their intent is to place the first lift of asphalt over as much of the current milled southbound surface as possible today, and place temporary pavement markings. Any remaining granular surface will receive calcium chloride at the end of today to control dust. 

This morning the contractor started to mill (shallow) in the northbound direction, just north of Carling. 

Next week, they will pave base course asphalt on all granular surface southbound and will continue to place asphalt every day as weather allows. 

Traffic flow has increased slightly however still much less that traditional and is being monitored constantly by our inspector, Traffic Management staff, and our Point Duty Police officers when on site. So far, the volume is still low and if we get one more similar week, the work will continue to advance quickly. 

Week 4 Update: May 29

March Road 4

This was a busy week as crews are now paving the Southbound direction and milling the northbound direction. By the end of today, short sections of Solandt, Terry Fox, and the south portion of Legget will be milled. Any required adjustments to manholes and catchbasins will follow.

Early next week, the crews will adjust manholes in the southbound direction to final elevation, then start paving surface course asphalt throughout. Next week, the crews will also mill out the north section of Legget (just south of Terry Fox), in preparation for paving of the base course.

The crews have noted increased traffic volumes, which are constantly being monitored. Weather permitting, projects are expected to be completed early June.

Week 5 Update: June 5


It’s been another productive week of work on March Road. Starting Monday morning, weather permitting, the crews will start placing the final lift of asphalt on March Road and continue paving, until all roads are completed. Point duty police officers will assist at signalized intersections as required, temporary detour signage will be erected to provide positive direction when paving major intersections, and we have rail flagmen on site as required.

Weather permitting, I anticipate paving completion by mid-June. Arrangements have been made to commence with Pavement Markings very soon after paving sections. Temporary tape lane delineation is placed while paving. The only remaining work will be the replacement of previous pre-cast concrete curbs on March Road and minor landscaping, following paving of top lift.

Have a great weekend!

Week 6 Update: June 12

March Rd-Jun12


This week the weather did delay some planned work, however the crews are still expected to complete the project a few weeks ahead of schedule. Next week, all the paving of March Road will be complete including all planned surrounding roads.

Pavement markings are continually being placed as paving of the surface asphalt proceeds. All surface asphalt is completed on March Road in the northbound direction and by the end of today the crews expect to have all asphalt placed in the southbound direction from Morgan’s Grant/Shirleys Brook to beyond the Terry Fox Dr intersection. Detours are put in place when crews are working in the intersection.

Some minor landscaping and the re-installation of pre-cast concrete curbs will be completed once the paving is complete.

Thank you to the community for your patience while this work as been underway.  It’s been ideal to get this major project done now while traffic volumes are substantially lower than normal due to COVID-19.  A big thank you to City staff overseeing the project and the crews hard at work completing it so quickly.

Week 7 Update: June 19


Great news Kanata North! This will be my final update on the March Road resurfacing project!

This week the crews completed all the road paving and pavement markings are being implemented as roads are completed. Finishing touches such as, concrete curbs and minor landscaping is expected to be completed by the end of the month.

The portion from Carling Road to Teron Road is expected to be completed in the coming 2 years once major water main infrastructure is complete so as to avoid having to tear up a new road. 

I am thrilled to see this project complete so quickly. I know this was much anticipated for our community and am very happy to have secured the funding in this years budget, and have the work done during COVID-19 when traffic disruptions were minimal.

Enjoy the smooth sailing Kanata North!