1158 Old Second Line Development 

I have heard many concerns from residents regarding the development at 1158 Old Second Line. I understand your frustrationsparticularly with the recent tree removals, and want to assure you that I am working closely with city staff to determine next steps. I have provided the facts below for your information: 

  • The builder has run into substantial rock on the site, which has resulted in a request for minor modifications for their site plan. They have not submitted this yet. 
  • The builder has communicated with some residents that they would like to revise their landscaping plan to include removal of all trees, to be replaced with mature trees after completion of construction
  • The previously approved landscaping plan included a “linear strip” of trees, which was intended to allow for the retention of smaller trees on the north and south perimeter of the site backing on to current homes. 
  • The city would have preferred to keep the larger trees along with the smaller ones, but it wasn’t possible. If larger trees were left on the perimeter of the site, there would have been too much root disturbance during construction and any larger trees left would have ultimately died or become a hazard to the surrounding homes. 
  • Given the building density, grading requirements, and site configuration of this development, it would have been impossible for large trees to survive this construction.   
  • Some neighbours have inquired about the butternut trees. The city forester has reviewed this and confirmed that they have been removed as per Provincial regulations. The butternuts were all deemed to be Category 1 trees. The Province did not object to their removal. 

At this point in time, the builder has indicated they will be submitting a new landscaping plan and the City is waiting to receive itOnce this is received, the city planner and forester will review it and determine what is possible and in the best interests of our community, ultimately with the goal of having healthy trees growing along the perimeter of current homes to provide privacy moving forward. 

I appreciate your concerns and will continue to provide updates as I have them. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime.