2019/2020 Kanata North Snow Removal Report

With all these heat warnings, snow is certainly not on anyone’s mind; however, I would like to briefly revisit our recent winter and the snow removal operations in Kanata NorthYou may recall that the Winter Operations Team made various improvements to our road maintenance this winter including; 

  • Changing the area boundaries to ensure consistency across the city. This allowed the roads team to focus on the unique requirements of Ottawa’s urban, suburban, and rural communities. 
  • Maintaining sidewalks 24 hours a day, seven days a week as per Council-approved Maintenance Quality Standards. 
  • Staff had grit, salt, and sand available at all yards. 
  • The use of heat maps to detect problem areas.    

Similar to the previous year, our ward office reported issues throughout the winter months via service requests. Areas of higher concern were discussed with Staff in the Roads department. Thank you for reaching out and providing your feedback. I compiled a list of Kanata North specific concerns, which were brought to my attention by our community and have passed this on to the Winter Operations Team: 

Streets with recurrent resident concerns:  

  • Richardson Ridge: snow and ice buildup (Wallaceburg Court, Burwash Landing, Boundstone Way, Arkose etc.)  
  • Insmill: sidewalks  
  • Keighley Circle  
  • Halton: sidewalks  
  • Knudson: sidewalks  
  • Goldridge: sidewalks (snow buildup especially at intersections) 
  • Statewood Drive: snow clearing on the street  
  • Penfield Drive: sidewalks (they are larger than the sidewalk plow and the section that is plowed is too narrow, making it hard to navigate) 

General concerns:  

  • Buildup of slush and ice on sidewalks (hard to navigate) 
  • Private snow removal companies dumping snow on city property 
  • Windrows at the end of driveways due to plow path 
  • Snowbank buildup reducing visibility and restricting access for pedestrians 
  • Enforcement of one-sided winter parking and parking bans 

Suggestions for future:  

  • Winter maintenance for pathway near 1136 Maritime Way: This pathway provides pedestrian access to parklandretail and commercial centres and the population density in this area has increased and continues to do so.  
  • W.C. Bowes Park (from Halton Terrace, through the park to Klondike): Our team received a few residents’ requests for winter maintenance here.  
  • Winter maintenance for the path connection from Remnor Ave to Kanata Ave.  
  • Carp River Pathway which provides access to the Carp River and retail (between Richardson Side Road and Campeau Drive). 
  • Banting Crescent path to Roland Michener and Earl of March.  
  • Clarifying the process for requesting one-sided winter parking.  
  • Continued and improved communication regarding Maintenance Quality Standards. 

This past winter, City Council also directed staff to conduct a service delivery review of Winter Operations and the Maintenance Quality Standards. Specifically, staff reviewed winter maintenance of residential roads to improve walkability and reduce the occurrence of ice ruts. They also reviewed roads without sidewalks that were near pedestrian generating facilities such as roads close to schoolsFinally, winter maintenance for connecting pathways and active transportation facilities were also monitored. The results of the service delivery review will be presented to Council in Q3 of 2021 and will outline recommendations for Winter Maintenance Quality Standards.  

Thank you, Kanata North, for contacting Service Ottawa directly when issues arose, keeping your catch basins clear, and for helping your neighbours. We are so fortunate to live in such a caring community.  

If you have any questions, concerns or further feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at Jenna.Sudds@ottawa.ca