Richardson Ridge Blasting Update

I have received an update from Regional Group regarding the blasting in Phase 4 of the Richardson Ridge Community. There is approximately 3-5 weeks of blasting work remaining, depending if they run into any unforeseen delays.

I’ve been told that because the distance of the blasting sight and the homes in Phase 2 & 3 are outside of the 75m area, the contractor is not required to provide daily vibration readings. I have pushed for these readings to be provided, however they have chosen not to provided them and I do not have the ability to force them to do so.

If you want to know about specific monitor readings, they can reach out to Taylor Marquis ( from Regional and she will contact the contractor for those readings.

If you have additional concerns about the ongoing blasting, whether it be about damage or just specific question(s), please continue to reach out to DST Vibration Engineering as they are working with the Contractor. Please contact Anas Saleh at DST at 613-219-3728 or by e-mail at

I appreciate the concerns being raised regarding this ongoing blasting, and encourage anyone affected to continue to share these concerns with the contacts provided above.