Upcoming Hydro One Vegetation Maintenance Work in Beaverbrook

Beaverbrook Hydro

Hydro One is scheduled to complete vegetation maintenance in the Beaverbrook community in early 2021 to ensure a safe and reliable supply of electricity in the short term, and to keep backyards safe. This corridor is located between Station Road going south towards Highway 417, with majority of the corridor located through residents backyards.  

This corridor last saw maintenance in 2018, when Hydro One visited residents with properties in close proximity to the Hydro corridor.  

In consideration of the unique features of this corridor and feedback from the community, during the 2018 maintenance cycle Hydro One signed agreements with private property owners that had lines and towers running through their backyards. These agreements identified vegetation that can be maintained by property owners, and vegetation that would be trimmed or removed by Hydro One. The end goal for this approach is to bring the corridor to a sustainable state over a few cycles, while encouraging low growing vegetation to establish. 

While still in the planning stages, Hydro One will soon begin compiling an inventory of trees and vegetation on private property through this corridorThis inventory will ensure the team’s approach is fair and consistent across all properties. 

Affected property owners can expect to receive a notice informing them that Hydro One technicians will be completing an inventory in and around their properties in the near future. 

The timeline for the maintenance work has not been finalized, at this time, but it is forecasted to start in early 2021 so that it can be completed during the winter, when access to the corridor is easiest. 

As I receive more information on this project I will share with the community.  Please note that this cycle of maintenance does not impact home owners on Penfield, whom Hydro One visited last summer.