Beaverbrook Hydro One Vegetation Maintenance Work Update

Last month, I shared that Hydro One is scheduled to complete vegetation maintenance in the Beaverbrook community throughout winter 2021 to ensure a safe and reliable supply of electricity in the short term, and to keep backyards safe. This corridor is located between Station Road going south towards Highway 417, with majority of the corridor located through residents’ backyards.   

Now that the inventories have been completed, Hydro One’s Forestry Technicians are scheduled to return mid-September. Hydro One has reached out by email to the affected property owners along the corridor between Station Road going south to Highway 417 as well as has dropped off notification letters. 

If work is required on a resident’s property, a Forestry Technician will arrange to meet and review the work required in winter 2021. As part of these meetings, the Forestry Technicians will: 

  • Review the existing agreements with property owners. 
  • Discuss required tree and other vegetation trimming and removal for this cycle. 
  • Continue staging the removal of trees and other vegetation as committed in the 2018 agreements.  

If you have any questions, please contact Hydro One’s Community Line: 1-877-345-6799 or