ClubLink Update #34

Good evening Kanata North community,  

Today I am providing a brief update regarding the ClubLink applications. As mentioned, in my update earlier this week, the Case Management Conference took place today virtually. There are two important points you should know:   

Issues to be discussed:  

A list of issues to be discussed at the LPAT hearing have been agreed to by the parties. You can read the list of issues here.  

This list of issues does not encompass every single matter that is outstanding but represents issues that are items that cannot be resolved by other means and should prohibit the Tribunal from moving forward with the applications.  

Hearing information:  

  • Six weeks were set aside, and the hearing will start Monday, January 17, 2022 

In addition to this, I was provided with a copy of the second round of comments that was provided to ClubLink by the city planning team. This list is extensive and runs 46 pages and has over 160 comments. These comments cover areas that the planning team and outside agencies still have serious concerns on. I am happy to see that many of the comments and concerns that our community has included in their emails and letters to me are covered and shared in this document.  

As always, I will keep our community informed as I have more information. You can read my previous updates here