1131 and 1151 Teron Road Proposed Application

In 2014, the City received a zoning by-law amendment application to rezone the properties at 1131 and 1151 Teron Road to Residential Fifth Density ZoneThis permits the construction of a 3-storey apartment building at 1131 Teron Road and a stepped 9-storey building at 1151 Teron Road. 

Since the original application was submitted, the property has changed owners three timesThe current owner has requested a new zoning by-law amendment 

On Thursday, October 8ththe Planning Committee was presented with a report with staff recommendation for the requested Zoning By-Law Amendment for 1131 and 1151 Teron Road 

If approved by Council, the Zoning By-Law Amendment will permit modifications to the setbacks of the proposed nine-storey building which include: 

  • Allowing a limited number of commercial uses on the ground floor. 
  • Reducing certain parking rates. 
  • Modifying provisions for a loading space and width of landscape buffer. 
  • Modifying the interior side yard setback for the threestorey building 

During the Planning Committee meeting, Neil Thomson, President of the Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association, spoke to the committee members raising the concerns of the communityincluding an increase in traffic and privacy for the residents in the Bethune Condominium. I wanted to thank Neil and the community for their input and work that they have done and continue to do on this application. 

The Planning Committee carried threport’s recommendations at the meeting on October 8th and City Council approved it on October 14th. 

There is still opportunity to provide comments to the Planner on the 3-storey building (1131 Teron Rd) application, as the site plan control application has not yet been approved. Please email me at Jenna.Sudds@ottawa.ca and I can forward your comments on the planner or you can reach out directly to her by email at  Kathy.Rygus@ottawa.ca or 613-580-2424 x28318.   

Once the site plan for the 9-storey building (1151 Teron Road) is submitted, residents will be able to provide their comments on this plan as well.