Herzberg Sewer Trunk Project: Update #3

As work continues on the Herzberg Sewer Trunk Project, I know many are curious about the progress. This project is complex and requires a lot of underground work to replace and install a new trunk sanitary sewer line running from the March Road Pumping Station (located on Legget Drive), down Herzberg Road, and then crossing over Carling Avenue. 


Fig 1. Tunnel work under the Kizell Drain 

 Earlier this year, when commissioning the temporary sanitary sewer forcemain, the project ran into unforeseen delays. In particular, the flow rate was lower than expected. This issue has now been corrected and construction will continue for the remainder of 2020. Unfortunately, this has postponed the completion date of this project into Summer 2021.  

Herzberg Road will be paved prior to winter. An accessible pedestrian pathway on Herzberg Road, between Legget Drive and Carling Avenue, will continue to be maintained throughout the duration of the project. Please note that crews will be working overnight to install CIPP liner inside the existing sewer. Construction will run from October 27 to 30, on Legget Drive from March Road to the pumping station at the intersection of Herzberg and Legget. One lane of traffic will be maintained on Legget with flaggers available 24/7 to guide vehicles through this section.

In 2021, the installation of the concrete sidewalks, cycle tracks, and the top lift of asphalt will be completed on Herzberg Road.  Any outstanding landscaping will also be completed at this time.     


Fig 2. Excavation for the road on Herzberg Road.  

Work is progressing well. To date, the following work has been completed: 

  • Sanitary sewer installation in the Greenbelt, including the sewer crossing at Carling Avenue. 
  • Landscape reinstatement, including grass, for portions of the Greenbelt. 
  • Watermain installation on Herzberg Road. 
  • Sanitary sewer installation on Herzberg Road, including the sewer crossing at Herzberg Road 
  • Earth excavation and road works preparation on Herzberg Road.
  • March Road pump station works. 

I will continue to share updates on this project with the community. Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions or concerns