Winter Weather Parking Ban

While we have been fortunate to have a few warm days in November, winter is still on its wayCity staff is working hard to ensure we are ready for the impending snow fall. As winter approaches, it is important to understand the details of a Winter Weather Parking Ban. 

What is a Winter Weather Parking Ban? 

Between November 15 and April 1, a Winter Weather Parking Ban can be declared when inclement weather including freezing rain or over 7 cm of snow is expected in Ottawa. During a parking ban, vehicles that do not have a residential parking permit are not permitted to park on the street. Parking bans are called to support cleaning operations to allow crews to plow closer to the curb. 

When a Winter Weather Parking Ban is called, the City issues a special advisory to the local media and posts it on social media, sends an email to registered residents and updates the City’s App. The parking ban ends when snow clearing is complete and an advisory indicating the ban has been lifted is issued. 

Where can you park during a Winter Weather Parking Ban? 

During a Winter Weather Parking Ban, residents are responsible for ensuring their vehicles are not parked on the road.Last year, the city launched a pilot project to allow residents to use Park and Rides provide residents with easy off-street parking when the city implements a parking ban. Kanata North residents have the option to park at the Innovation Park and Ride through the parking ban.