Motion: Investing in Community Organizations & The Conduct of a Member of Council

Today I wore orange, along with most of my colleagues supporting the campaign to end violence against women and girls in Ottawa.

As part of this campaign, today is day 1 of 16 days of activism against gender based violence. As a Council, we must acknowledge our leadership role and our position of power.

So it is completely necessary that we ensure we uphold this commitment to end violence against women everywhere in our City, including at City Hall, and hold our colleagues, as leaders in our City, accountable.

As we tabled the “Report to Council on an Inquiry respecting the Conduct of Councillor Chiarelli”, I feel very strongly that we must use every tool we have available to stop this behaviour from ever happening again, and hold those involved to the highest standards.

Being a Councillor is an honour. It is hard work and it comes with an enormous amount of responsibility. It is undoubtedly a position of power. And as one resident emailed Council this morning stating, this man should not be in a position of power over anyone. Period. Full stop.

Councillor Chiarelli’s actions, as detailed in the report and the 200 pages appendix, is enough to turn one’s stomach. It is appalling.

No woman should ever, I repeat, ever have to deal with this type of behaviour.

Today, I asked that Council fully supported my motion, asking that:

  1. Ask that his salary be redirected, a total 90 days for each offence.
  2. Write a letter to the Honorable Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing seeking revisions to the Municipal Act 2001.
  3. Ask that the City Clerk report at the next City Council meeting on the implementation of recommendation 6 (That Council suspend all delegated authorities of the Respondent to hire staff and to order and approve any budgetary expenditures for the remainder of the 2018-2022 term of office and that the said delegated authorities shall be vested as recommended by the Clerk in a separate report to Council).
  4. That the City Clerk and City Solicitor review and report back to Council on options for restricting this Councillors access to city staff in city buildings.
  5. Lastly, I ask that his seat at the Council table be moved, such that no one has to sit beside him.