Campeau Drive Extension -Project Update #4

I am very pleased to announce a major milestone in the Campeau Drive Extension Project. Campeau Drive from Country Glen Way to Winterset Road is now open and ready for use. The project continues to progress well and remains on track for completion by the end of Fall 2021.

Since the Campeau Drive Extension broke ground in January 2020, the following work has taken place:

  • Earth excavation, site grading, and granular work for the new roadways
  • Curb and sidewalk placement from Country Glen Way to Winterset Road
  • Asphalt placement for roadways and cycle tracks from Country Glen Way to Winterset Road
  • Placement of lightweight fill material and distribution slabs for the new Carp River Bridge approaches
  • Pouring of the Carp River Bridge including abutments, deck, and parapet walls
  • Utility, watermain, and storm sewer installations
  • Line painting and sig installation from Country Glen Way to Winterset Road

View of Winterset roundabout looking West

Pouring of concrete on the Carp River Bridge

Weather permitting, in the coming weeks you can expect:

  • Granular placement, installation of curbs/sidewalks and asphalt pavement placement on Campeau Drive at and near Didsbury Drive intersection
  • Utility installations
  • Preparation for winter shutdown

Upcoming Traffic Impacts

Traffic interruptions can be expected near the Didsbury Road and Campeau Drive intersection to allow for utility installations and roadwork. There will be on-site flag persons to direct traffic in addition to construction signage. Off-peak lane closures or roadway narrowing may be periodically necessary so please be sure to pay attention to on-site signage.

Access to Kanata Commons Community and to businesses will be maintained at all times.

Winter Shutdown

A seasonal shutdown of construction is expected from late December 2020 until Spring 2021. This will occur only in the area which is not yet open for public use, from Winterset Road to Kanata Commons, including the Carp River Bridge.

As always, I will continue to share updates as I have them. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns about this project.