2021 City of Ottawa Budget

Today, Council approved a responsible budget that not only protects your tax dollars but also focuses on the delivery of the city’s core services that our residents need, while striving to balance the affordability of our city.

Municipalities have very limited financial options available to them and, for example, are not legally allowed to run deficits. The challenging financial environment due to COVID-19 has meant that the city has had to make some tough decisions. We need the continued funding support from both the Federal and Provincial governments to make progress on the much-needed infrastructure upgrades, transit, and to offset the increased operational financial expenses due to COVID-19.

The Province has allocated more than $124 million to the city to address the financial impacts arising from COVID-19. That represents 64.9 per cent of Ottawa’s $192-million projected shortfall. This budget adds no new permanent city employees to the budget, aside from critically needed growth in police and paramedics resources. More importantly, it invests $10 million in housing needs to help the most vulnerable in our city. The approved budget limits the property-tax increase to no more than three per cent – keeping Ottawa affordable for residents who have faced financial hardship because of the pandemic and not stifling growth.

What does this mean for our community?

I am pleased to share that the 2021 Budget includes some much needed investments directly in Kanata North, from infrastructure investments to transportation, to parks and recreation:


  • $460,000 allocated towards the repair of the pedestrian bridge over Highway 417 at the Kanata Town Centre. Design to be completed in 2022.
  • $400,000 allocated towards pavement preservation on:
    • Herzberg Road between Legget and Terry Fox Drive.
    • Terry Fox Drive between Richardson Side and Old Second Line Road.
      • To be completed by 2023.


  • $844,000 to plan and design an underpass at Terry Fox and Earl Grey Drive.
  • New crossing guards at:
    • Varley Drive and Milne Crescent.
    • Old Second Line Road and Terry Fox Drive.
  • New pedestrian crossovers at Klondike Road and Whernside Terrace in Morgan’s Grant connecting the hydro corridor.

Parks and recreation:

  • $1.4 million allocated towards the building of future Riverchase Park in Arcadia. You can provide your feedback here.
  • $1 million allocated towards future replacement of the rink floor at John G Mlacak Community Centre.
  • $200,000 allocated towards a splash pad at Arcadia Park to be matched by $100,000 raised by the Community Association.
  • $240,000 to replace framing at the March Tennis Club house.
  • $230,000 to replace pathway lighting at Bethune Park.
  • $210,000 for a new dog park proposed in the hydro corridor in Morgan’s Grant.
  • $100,000 to be used to enhance recreation or park facilities.


  • $400,000 to remove accumulated sediment at the Kanata Town Centre stormwater management facility.

Ward projects underway


  • $12.5 million to build a sanitary trunk sewer from the intersection of Legget Drive and Herzberg Road to the North Kanata trunk sewer.
  • $2.7 million to rehabilitate the storm sewer across Teron Road from Beaverbrook Creek.
  • $1.2 million to convert the March Road wastewater pumping station to a low-lift pump station.
  • $500,000 to upgrade Briar Ridge pump station.


  • Install a new pedestrian crossover on Brady Avenue between Forestbrook Street and Newcastle Avenue to connect the hydro corridor pathway for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Modify smart-intersection infrastructure to support Invest Ottawa and testing in the L5 public test track.
  • Conduct an environmental assessment of the Huntmar Road widening and Stittsville Main Street extension, part of a $100,000 project.
  • Plan, consult and design new sidewalks on:
    • Varley Drive between Beaverbrook Road and Carr Crescent.
    • Leacock and Varley Drives between Beaverbrook Road and Milne Crescent.
    • Halton Terrace between Flamborough Way and Newcastle Avenue.

Parks and recreation:

  • $650,000 to build a new trail system at the Kizell Drain to be built in 2021.
  • $200,000 to upgrade security at Beaverbrook Outdoor Pool.
  • $168,000 for outdoor volleyball courts at Richcraft Recreation Complex.
  • $150,000 to design Bill Teron Park.
  • $4,000 to add interpretive signs at the March Trailheads (replacing current signage).


  • Transfer city lands at 251 Penfield Drive to Ottawa Community Housing to develop affordable housing.

Recently completed ward projects


  • Resurfaced Legget Drive, March Road, March Valley Road, Solandt Road, and Terry Fox Drive.
  • Installed pedestrian crossovers on:
    • Terry Fox Drive at March Valley Road.
    • Goldridge Drive between Stikine Drive and Blackdome Crescent.


  • $580,000 to build Devonian Park.
  • $196,000 to replace the playground at Whalen Park.
  • $143,000 to replace the playground and add a bike rack at Morgan’s Grant Woods Park.
  • $2,470 for a bench at Jim Malone Park.