Next Steps in Serving our Community and our City

Two years ago, I was honoured to have been elected to represent Kanata North at City Hall and work on behalf of our community that I love. Today, now two years later, I am deeply honoured that Mayor Watson has appointed me as Deputy Mayor for the City of Ottawa.

I look forward to continuing to work collaboratively with Mayor Watson and my colleagues on behalf of our city and our community as we face the COVID-19 pandemic and the many challenges it poses. I hope to put my education and experience in economic development to work in the coming months as we come together to help Ottawa recover economically and socially.

These next few years will be challenging. Many in our community are suffering, unemployment is high, and business owners are facing very difficult times. The city will continue to be faced with tough decisions in the coming months on how best we can adapt, serve, and support our residents and businesses.

I am happy to serve in this new capacity and embrace this new leadership opportunity and responsibilities as your Councillor and Deputy Mayor.

My commitment to serving our community continues. Please never hesitate to reach out.

Take care,