ClubLink Update #37

Following our days in court back in July, I know we are all anxiously waiting to hear from Ontario Superior Court Justice Labrosse on his decision regarding the Forty Percent Agreement.

The Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition has recently sought to introduce new evidence, the concept plan from the 1980’s, for the Justice’s consideration. The city did not oppose this, ClubLink has however raised issues with respect to its introduction.

While Mr. Justice Labrosse has indicated that he is close to releasing a decision, the issues related to whether the concept plan will be admitted into evidence will delay any decision into January or later.

The judge has invited the Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition to bring a motion to have the evidence introduced. It is likely that this will be brought in early January and it remains to be determined if there will be oral submissions or if the motion will be in writing.

The decision on the Forty Percent Agreement will be delayed until this motion is presented and the Justice has decided whether to admit it as further evidence.

As always, I am committed to continuing to oppose this development and will share any new information as I have it.