Give Your Christmas Tree a New Purpose

Instead of putting your Christmas tree at the curb this week for garbage pickup (Christmas trees are collected weekly and must be free of decorations and not wrapped in plastic bags), why not give it another purpose? 

I’ve heard from many that they choose to keep their decorated trees in the house longer this year. If you have a cut tree and it’s starting to lose its needleswhy not move it into your garden or yard to hold onto that holiday magic a little longer, or to provide shelter for animals 

According to the Nature Conservancy of Canadayour tree can provide important habitat for bird populations during the winter months, especially on cold nights and during storms. Prop it up near another tree, against a fence or lay it in your garden. You could even redecorate it with pinecones filled with peanut butter for birds to enjoy. When it resembles a Charlie Brown Christmas tree in spring, simply cut and compost it. 

Your Christmas tree could also decorate the Rideau Canal SkatewayThe deadline is tonight to donate your tree at the NCC drop off location on Colonel By Drive, just west of the Bronson Avenue Bridge. Once the 2021 skating season is over, all Christmas trees will be transformed into wood chips and used throughout Ottawa. 

You could also feed your Christmas tree to the goatsAs featured on 580 CFRAVanderlaand the Barnyard Zoo has been feeding used Christmas trees to their livestock for the past five years. If you would like to drop your tree off at Vanderlaand the Barnyard Zoo, the address is 11827 Oak Valley Rd.  (County Rd. 5), Winchester Springs. You can drop it off anytime during the day at the end of their driveway or along the goat pen. 

What are some other creative ways to recycle your old Christmas tree? 

You could insulate perennials with the boughs and cut the trunk into two-inch discs to edge flower beds or walkways. Or you could rent a chipper (maybe split the costs with neighbours) to make wood chips for your garden? 

If you are creative, why not re-use the trunk for art projects, such as coasters, holiday decorations or bird feeders. Pinterest is full of ideas, but this is one of my favourites, the DIY Bird Feeder! 

These are just a few ideas of how to re-use your real Christmas tree now that the holidays are coming to a close. 

What new purpose are you giving your tree? Please email me your ideas, I’d love to hear from you!